Mehdi International is known for Hand Embroidery in Silver/Gold Bullion, Silk Threads, Military and Police Uniform Accessories. The art of Embroidery and Uniform Equipment has been engrained in the hands of skilled, professionals who have adopted this profession since generations. We have an adequate arrangements for bulk supplies in settled period. We are doing this business since 1987 and have skilled full workers in our factory.

We also produce Hand Embroidered Uniform Badges in Pak Bullion as well as in French Bullion the following qualities i.e. REGULAR BULLION, HALF FINE GOLD AND SILVER BULLION, 1% GOLD PLATTED BULLION, 2% GOLD PLATTED WITH CONFIRMED GUARANTEE. The French Bullion are always varnished. Our products are immunized with Lacquer which resists against tarnish for a longer period, especially Hand Embroidered Bullion Wire Badges. Within our large production unit, we are well equipped to meet custom order requirements.

We have in web site endeavor to give you an idea, of what our finished products look like. The web site is envisaged to meet your requirements. But there are hundreds and thousands of designs which could not be displayed in our web site, even then new inquiries for new models and designs entertained with greater appreciation.